Database for experiential marketing and design

Showcased is a database and research tool for international projects related to experiential design and marketing. We collect  installations, performances, brand experiences, events and promotions, exhibitions and productions from all over the world. Both analog and digital experiences. From agencies and brands as well as from artists.

Our Goals

  • Provide the best overview of contemporary experiential projects, trends and developments
  • Support marketers and agencies with inspiration and a unique research tool
  • Showcase the importance, impact and diversity of contemporary experiential marketing



Showcased collects outstanding or contemporary projects big and small, great ideas, or clever low-budget experiences. We provide a realistic insight and an authentic cross-section of the industry.

Agencies, creative studios, artists and brands can submit and present their work for free. Showcased supplements the database with its own research and other exciting projects.


Projects can be submitted and presented free of charge. We are collecting the most diverse cross-section of projects. We are open to any size of project including smaller organizers, artists or agencies.

To use all features and our entire database including full text search and elaborate categories an annual subscription is necessary. The annual subscription offers you unlimited access to all of our content. Subscriptions can be terminated with a notice of only 1 week to the end of the subscription period.


What you get

  • Extensive database of relevant projects related to experiential marketing
  • Best overview of current works, trends and industry developments
  • Unique research tool: search for keywords, industries, experience types, agencies and lot more
  • Practical ideas and specific inspiration
  • Executive summaries of brands, agencies and their projects