350 years of Merck: digital platform CurioCity

Fischer Appelt, Fork Unstable Media
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© Fischer Appelt


In 2018, Merck celebrated its 350th anniversary with its 53,000 employees around the globe. Under the motto “always curious”, the digital employee platform “CurioCity” connected all countries and locations of the science and technology company with each other to create a unique communication experience. All employees were able to participate in a worldwide live broadcast during the employee celebration in Darmstadt on 19th April.

The city of curiosity
In order to strengthen unity amongst employees spread across different countries and locations, Merck worked with the team from our digital subsidiary Fork Unstable Media to create a place where all employees could meet, even in the run-up to the anniversary celebrations: CurioCity – the city of curiosity.

CurioCity is a digital platform that is constantly changing and growing through the actions of its “residents” i.e. Merck employees. It is divided into eleven regions and can be accessed by every employee using any device. Each Merck location was invited to host its own event on the day of the global employee event.

Worldwide live stream for 24 hours
12 locations played a particularly special role. They held a local employee event and created their own 30-minute programs, which then featured in a worldwide live stream that was aired for over 24 hours. A specially composed anthem served as a virtual baton which passed between the locations, each time with a slightly different theme in a nod to the local culture, ensuring the employees and their content remained in the limelight at the anniversary celebrations. The agency managed the worldwide live stream and ensured satellite transmission as well as coordination with the employees responsible for the project at each individual location.

The digital CurioCity was brought to life when around 10,000 employees came together to celebrate at the Darmstadt location. Part of the site was transformed into a city of curiosity, featuring a vibrant and varied programme in different parts of the city. The undisputed highlight was a finale with eight large LED screens and a projection of the mapping of the new Merck Innovation Center on a façade.


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