Beyond Duality: Digital Event Series

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© Phocus Brand Contact, Art and Nova
© Phocus Brand Contact, Art and Nova
© Phocus Brand Contact, Art and Nova
© Phocus Brand Contact, Art and Nova
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Experience & Event Design 2023/2024
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With BEYOND DUALITY, the agency PHOCUS BRAND CONTACT initiated a six-part event series revolving around the future of the event industry. In the 40-minute episodes, renowned personalities discussed topics such as immersion, brand experience and smart data. The aim was to generate interesting ideas out of the unpredictable and to forge new avenues .

Five preproduced shows were broadcast on Thursdays at 17.00 within two months. The highlight of the series was the sixth and last episode, which was streamed live from the TV studio of the technology partner hl-studios. Together with the guests, the hosts dived into immersive worlds and their possibilities. A special software and the 3D rendering engine Unity merged real elements from the green-screen technology with virtual elements into a homogeneous, photorealistic image. The special feature: This did not happen in post-production but directly live during the show – in real time.

Innovative technologies and controversial opinions guaranteed tension and excitement and invited the viewers to participate actively. It was possible to interact live with the moderator and the guests via an accompanying microsite. Following each broadcast, an after-show talk was held with live discussions with the experts.

A retro digital design was developed for the brand BEYOND DUALITY: Repetitive patterns, solitaire effects and physical objects were digitised. The digital setting was staged as a screen surface on which virtual spaces, longdistance calls and analogue encounters took place. Each episode was given an individual signature move, as well as constantly changing intros and outros. Small Easter eggs kept inviting the viewers to study the screen surface very carefully. Supplemented by the sound design composed by Steffen Krafft, this resulted in a varied and informative format that created an experience with each episode. 

A smart information map was developed as an excerpt of the six-part series, which charmingly supported the selection of episodes. A resulting podcast continues the discussion with experts on specific topics.


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