Dachser General Management Conference & DFC 2022

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Eventdesign Yearbook 2023/24
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Every year, DACHSER holds a three-day general management conference for its 250 top managers, followed by a one-day forum for its around 1000 top-level employees. The idea is to convey the current strategy and to get everyone involved.

In the year 2022 the board was replaced, marking the start of the communication of a new strategy in 2023, as well as of the restructuring necessitated by the global challenges across the market. For both event formats it was therefore important to present the new board not only digitally but also emotionally. The aim was to introduce it as part of the team, as well as its individual strengths and orientations. It was equally important to convey the necessary strategic initiatives and targets comprehensibly and not least to incorporate the guests actively into a new communication culture, as a first step. The events were therefore the first steps of a communication campaign that was to drive change forwards. This was a task that is difficult enough for a live format but is a real challenge for a three-day digital event.

With these objectives in mind, the handling agency onliveline first designed a setting that gave each of the six strategic initiatives its own associative surroundings and placed a focus on the targets with their nine aspects. The settings were fluently connected with two camera cranes. At the same time, the recordings of the real setting were enriched with augmented reality and presented the stages and main performers in a dynamic interrelation.

In order to highlight the personalities of the main presenters, they were provided with “real” spaces for their activities. In addition, the shoulder cameras enabled an authentic, direct and documentary look.

As a last step, the guests were to be invited to take part in this new, interactive and open culture. Workshops were held for this purpose and an interactive co-creation platform was established, which initiated a campaign for promoting the  strategies and the culture as a whole.


Dachser Group
Dramaturgy / Direction / Coordination
Architecture / Design / Lighting
Jan-Christoph Hermann
Graphics / Media
Van De Space Maria und Tobias Düsing
Matt Flores, Qosono
JC Hermann / Daniel Kaminski / Qosono / BILDQUADRAT (Technical planning team), TSE (Technology)


Transportation & Mobility
Co-Creation, Digital, Emotions, Interactive, Learning, Scenography, Transformation
Conference, Convention, Employee Event, Virtual Experience