DCAE – Digital Community Art Event

Industrial Theatre
© Michael Lübke wasfuersauge
© Michael Lübke wasfuersauge
© Michael Lübke wasfuersauge
Published in the
Event Design Yearbook 2021/2022
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In times of physical distance, Industrial Theater wanted to develop a digital, interactive format with a shared experience and live character. With this aim in mind, a team of 30 realised the "#DCAE - Digital Community Art Event". A combination of participant interaction - including a cooking experience, along with dining, laughing and dancing together - and show elements that were staged live in real and virtual spaces. Like a dinner show, it featured entertaining performance acts alongside a meal cooked together.

The guests from Germany, France, Italy, England and Austria prepared a menu together, instructed by two cooks who were cut in live from Wollfabrik in Schwetzingen and from Perth, Australia. Artists provided entertainment and variety with live performances and preproduced virtual acts. A DJ accompanied the evening and provided the transition from the official cooking and show programme to the party. The participants were able to participate through communication platforms such as YouTube, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Each platform was managed separately and the respective guests were incorporated in real time. This allowed them to communicate with each other, share their experiences and become a visible element of the show. All the elements were handled at the same time from a central desk with information and surveys. Due to the possibility of working with different platforms at the same time, there was no limit to the number of guests with a video image. In a separate virtual room, a photograph invited creative screenshots, which were presented at the end and made available as souvenirs.


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