Dürr Next.Assembly Innovation Summit 2022

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Dürr‘s NEXT.assembly offers all processes and technologies for optimised final assembly solutions. This system was to be presented to viewers from all around the world at the NEXT.assembly Innovation Summit 2022. The agency in charge, what when why, created a digital event that presented the complex content in a dedicated and consistent manner using a state-of-the-art greenscreen environment.

Using the Unreal Engine, the first step was to set up a customised 3D studio. The combination of tracked cameras and “Aximmetry” software resulted in a virtual real-time 3D environment for the viewers. Live speakers placed into it were able to present and explain complex applications in surroundings approximating a real-life environment.

Virtual camera sweeps and rapid digital changes of location, such as the final assembly of the future, allowed the speakers to present all the details of the innovative solutions easily and clearly, directly in the virtual space. Q & A sessions between the presentations created a space for questions about the new products and established a direct contact with the specialists. Digital voting and other interaction options further supported the communication.

This event required precise coordination among the technical crew and meticulous adherence to the defined time schedule and workflow, in order to avoid major change loops in the complex programming.


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