EATRENALIN – New Dimensions of Dining

Atelier 522
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Eventdesign Yearbook 2023/24
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How can one create a multisensory world that brings together entertainment and cuisine of the highest standards? This question was the starting point for Eatrenalin, an exceptional gastronomic project by Thomas Mack and Oliver Altherr. The result is a dramaturgically designed immersive experience with a focus on the interplay of the senses.

Eatrenalin starts with an exciting aperitif that welcomes guests and sets the mood for the magical experience. The spaces to be explored bear evocative names such as Waterfall, Discovery, Ocean, Taste, Umami, Spaceship, Universe or Incarnation and each are defined by their own superordinate theme that is not only reflected in the interior design, but also in the corresponding drinks and courses of the menu being served. From start to finish, Eatrenalin is a perfectly orchestrated arrangement of  visual, olfactory, gustatory and haptic elements.

An extensive script was written for the staging. Selected materials, curated accessories, artistic installations, highlighted settings, as well as small and large gestures wherever possible, invite visitors to explore the surroundings with all their senses. From the interiors and the technology to the specially developed fashion collection for staff and merchandise items – everything was planned and chosen in detail. This includes the realisation of the bar, its individual elements or the lounge counter with a flowing form, where the “Sparkling Welcome” with a glass of Laurent Perrier Champagne and the first culinary starter is true to its promise.

Technology is an important aspect of Eatrenalin: LED screens, movable elements, clever lighting and sound technology as well as the Floating Chair made by MACK Rides.

The coherent design comprises the entire communication – from its website to its social media presence, its own streaming platform “Veejoy” and the available merchandise. This is a project that was only possible through the cooperation of the interdisciplinary team of experts of MACK Rides, MACK Solutions, MACK Animation, atelier 522 and others.


Atelier 522
EATRENALIN Rust / Germany
Katja Mack
Direction / Coordination
Oliver Altherr, Thomas Mack
Architecture / Design / Decoration
atelier 522
Lighting / Media
multi-media systeme
MACK Animation, atelier 522
Jan Lepold T-REX CLASSICS, Hendrik Schwarzer
MACK Solutions
MACK Rides


Entertainment & Art
Architecture, Design, Emotions, Extraordinary Experience, Kinetics, Scenography, Senses, Storytelling
Public Experience, Spatial Installation