Exhibition „What were you wearing“

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‘What I was wearing the day I was raped’ - BBC News


How often are girls and women told, that they should not wear too short dresses? They should not be surprised about sexual innuendoes or even assaults. Some people still say or think something like that. An incredibly ignorant prejudice, that is not only wrong but blames women for sexual harassment and hurts the victims enormously.

An exhibition-idea, that has already been adapted in different cities and countries, fights in a very moving and vivid way against this myth. Various outfits, worn by women and girls during a sexual assault or rape, were recreated with short personal comments and stories from the victims. From jogging pants over sleeping clothes to a police uniform.

The exhibition is not only intended to refute the prejudice surrounding the choice of clothes. It also wants to encourage open discussion on what needs to happen to stop victims from being blamed for such crimes.

An exhibition that uses simple means to refute a fatal claim and communicate an important message.

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