“Fearless Girl” Promotion

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For World Women's Day on March 8, 2017, the famous Wall Street Bull received an opponent. A little girl fearlessly facing him. A public relations and promotion campaign that brought publicity for gender equality in the US.

On the night of World Women's Day 2017, investment firm State Street Global Advisers partnered with McCann New York agency to erect a statue of a little girl on Wall Street. The Fearless Girl should symbolize and underline the positive influence of women in leadership positions. The campaign refers to a study that says companies with female leaders are more successful.

Within a few hours, the little girl became a celebrity and a media phenomenon. But more importantly, it sparked a discussion about gender equality and women in executive levels. Among them, of course, there were critical voices, because after all, she is, so to speak, the daughter of a wealthy, privileged investment company. This sums up today's false feminism, it is said, for example. in a Guardian article about it. In fact, it is not about making every little girl into a success-oriented career woman (male-model), but rather actual equality and equal opportunity in all areas of life.

Even if you question the background critically and interpret the statement also different, nonetheless, the action has made the gender equality successfully on the topic!

First, the statue should remain until the beginning of April 2017. After becoming a new attraction in New York City, she was allowed to defy the bull by February 2018, according to the Guardian.

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