“Genius” – Immersive Experience about Leonardo da Vinci

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"Genius" - Immersive Experience is a creative journey through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci. An impressive and interactive multimedia production that brings together the technological possibilities of recent years.

It overwhelms with huge and expansive projections. Almost 80 million pixels, 50 km of cabling and more than 350,000 projected lumens provide a unique sensory rush. Interactive elements bring the exhibition and da Vinci's works to life.

Using QR codes and tracking technologies, visitors can interact with elements of the show. The combination of different technologies such as live-generated content, interactive room design and augmented reality as well as a 360-degree soundscape by the British composer and DJ Sasha provide an extraordinary audiovisual experience.

In terms of content, the show is divided into Leonardo's works as a painter, inventor, scientist and astronomer. His universal genius is to be expressed. However, the project also picks up on the current zeitgeist. For example, the Mona Lisa can be used for a conversation about fashion or diversity. The old portraits by Leonardo da Vinci, which often already contained rudiments of androgyny, are transformed piece by piece into contemporary queer personalities. Trends such as neo-ecology, connectivity and the connection between humans and technology are also taken up and compared with his works.

Attentive visitors can also discover "Easter Eggs" - small hidden features - about Leonardo da Vinci. This is intended to create a playful incentive to learn more about him and his works.

The cube in the middle of the room is not only played with from the outside, it can also be entered. Inside, there is a lamp installation that is intended to form a contrast to the digital space. In the centre hangs a lamp with mirrored texts on it. The lamp is illuminated from the inside and the writing on the interior walls is legible.


Flora & Faunavisions
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