Graduation Celebration 2021 at the THD Campus Deggendorf

Deggendorf Technical University (THD)
© Jürgen Mayer; Johannes Schwarz
© Jürgen Mayer; Johannes Schwarz
© Jürgen Mayer; Johannes Schwarz
© Jürgen Mayer; Johannes Schwarz
Published in the
Eventdesign Yearbook 2022/23
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Graduation is a big moment in the life of a young person. During the pandemic, unfortunately, many students could only celebrate it in a limited manner and without family and friends. The students on the Master’s course in Media Technology and Production at the Deggendorf Technical University (THD) made the most of their possibilities and realised a graduation ceremony that honoured the achievements of the graduates. The team took over the complete conceptualisation, planning and realisation of the event – from content production and direction to media and light and the façade projection.

In order to comply with all the applicable regulations in summer 2021, it was developed as a hybrid open-air event and spread over three days. The graduates were divided according to faculties and courses of study and invited to one of the three days. Family and friends were able to follow the graduation through a livestream.

After being admitted, the graduates could first raise a toast to each other and collect a gown and mortar board. The handover of the certificates took place at the respective faculties and was streamed live on YouTube and Vimeo. With a personal souvenir photo, everyone was given a “moment of fame” that could also be seen live on the stream.

The throwing of mortar boards together was staged as the highlight of the evening in the middle of the campus. After the speech by the university president, a projection with an animated façade surface of over 1500 square metres in combination with a light show made the university and the new graduates light up, true to the motto “Glow up with us”. Afterwards they celebrated with DJ music, VJ visuals on the façades and glow-up cocktails.


Deggendorf Technical University (THD)
Hoang Kim Hong; Karolina Ottmers; Steffen Halfstad; Levke van Drathen
Direction / Coordination
Hoang Kim Hong; Steffen Halfstad
Graphics / Media
Philipp Gunkel; Calvin Reuss; Annalena Babl
Lars Eissing
Franziska Hörger; Fiona Pex; Daniel Denk; Maximilian Herici; Manuel Emrich
Leo Richter
Artists / Show acts
Jakob Geissler; Lorenz Wintersperger; Maximilian Radomski (Façade projection)
Christina Zipperer; Anna Andraschko
Studentenwerk Niederbayern / Oberpfalz, Regensburg
Lukas Lukaschik; Matthias Wolf; Lucas Ostermeier; Elisa Anthofer (Planning); Jocham Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Iggensbach (Realisation)
Prof. Susanne Krebs, Maximilian Radomski (Direction of production); Lara Richter (Hygiene concept); Sandra Tremmel (Project management)


Emotions, Encounter, Family, Fun, Learning, Mapping, Pandemic
Celebration, Multimedia Installation