Heineken “Greener Bar”: Sustainable promotion with bar and pavilion

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The Dutch company Overtreders W, together with the construction company Fiction Factory, built the "Greener Bar", a mobile bar including a pavilion, for Heineken. Both are, according to their own statements, as sustainable as possible.

The entire pavilion fits into a used sea container that is transported by a natural gas-powered truck. The container serves as storage space when the bar is in operation and is offered back on the used container market when it is no longer in use.

The pavilion was built in Amsterdam, the wood for it was supplied by the Stadshout company, which processes felled trees in Amsterdam into construction timber. The beams were cut as little as possible to preserve their value.

The counterweight of the pavilion consists of eight large bags of recycled Heineken banners, which are filled on site with local soil and plants. Heineken subsequently strives to reuse the soil and plants in the surrounding area.

The bar was made from recycled Heineken crates and WOBOs (bottles that can be used as bricks). The upholstery of the picnic benches is made from recycled Heineken company clothing. According to Heineken, the pavilion is also powered by 100% renewable energy.

The roof, which is easy to transport, is filled with air and provides good sun protection as well as a pleasant source of light. The roof material is later taken back by the manufacturer and reused.

The pavilion was originally supposed to travel to events all over Europe from 2020, including all Formula E races. After the pandemic, it is now coming into regular use somewhat belatedly.


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