Imprft Space: Laboratory for Experimental Experiences

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© Kristof Lemp
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© Kristof Lemp
Published in the
Eventdesign Yearbook 2023/24
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In recent limes, something novel awaits employees and visitors in the former reception area of the agency Jazzunique: a cross between an art gallery and a laboratory for experience communication. Under the name "imprict space", a space has been created in the middle of the company premises that is never finished and is constantly changing, which together with alternating artists exhibits art that is extended with a digital component.

The "imprict space" is intended to give employees the opportunity to experiment with real and digital experiences, providing targeted help for producing interesting content and sparking new communication possibilities. The agency also set out to make the corporate culture experiential, promoting ongoing interaction between artists, partners and friends.

The starting pistol was fired by an exhibition with the urban art artist Engin Dogan. For this profeet, he not only brought his art from the street into the inferior but also extended If by means of a digital aspect. The resullis a physical and Virtual spatial experience, an augmented reality work of art that could also be purchased as an NFT, In the meantime, two further installations have already been realised with Max Geisier and Lisa Teqtmeler - in each case in coopera-fion with the partner company bright!.

The design process of the exhibitions is always based on a close cooperation with all those involved. The artists are to be given the opportunity to develop a digital transfer and extension of their work. However, they have the freedom to practice their art in accordance with their ideals. The end result is something completely new that extends the effect of the art and makes it more experiential. The technologies used vary greatly through the cooperation with the respective artists. They decide themselves to what extent to allow the influence on their art and how it should develop. So far, motion tracking, AR and VR have been used.

In terms of media, “imprfct space” is supported by a microsite, its own Instagram channel, as well as PR activities on further social media and in the specialist press.



Direction / Coordination
Jazzunique Shamaine Jones
Jazzunique Katharina Kraemer
´Artists / Show acts
Engin Dogan (imprfct space No. 1), Max Geisler (imprfct space No. 2), Lisa Tegtmeier (imprfct space No. 3)


Agency Self-Promo
Headquater, In-house
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Augmented Reality, Culture & Art, Interactive Installation, Multimedia Installation, Public Relations Event, Virtual Reality