“Insideout” Interactive Multimedia Installation

Flora & Faunavisions
© Ken Schluchtmann
© Ken Schluchtmann
© Ken Schluchtmann
© Ken Schluchtmann
© Ken Schluchtmann
© Ken Schluchtmann
Published in the
Eventdesign Yearbook 2019/20
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INSIDEOUT, is a 360° immersive video, light and sound experience created by our founder Leigh Sachwitz´s childhood memories of experiencing thunderstorms from inside a garden shed in Glasgow. This immersive environment with humble origins has travelled to over 10 destinations including the likes of the Hamburg Trienn​​​i​al for Photography and Palais de Tokyo, and has been published in magazines including Freeze and Frame and featured online in Designboom and Cool Hunter amongst others.

The experience is set in motion by a visitor turning off the light inside a transparent shed. The action initiates an immersive light and sound simulation of a thunderstorm. As rain starts drumming hard on the roof, dark clouds stack up in the night sky and the visitor is immersed in a complete audio-visual thunderstorm experience animated by motion graphics and sound. As the thunderstorm reaches its climax, the glass ceiling ‘shatters’ and the protecting walls disappear into the moonlight - the visitor is suddenly left exposed and is purified by the light.

INSIDEOUT has been shown at Dubai Art Week. The multimedia pop-up dinner “La Casa Azul” took the visitor on a unique culinary journey through the dramatic life of Frida Kahlo – one of the most significant artists and empowering women of the 20th century. A five-course menu – each course accompanied by custom-made FFV content – triggered the visitors' emotions and senses. The immersive experience was hosted at INKED, Dubai and shown in collaboration with Neumann & Müller GmbH & Co. KG.


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