Interactive Brand Touchpoints: Deutsche Telekom at IFA 2019

Demodern, Meiré und Meiré
© Demodern
© Demodern
© Demodern


As part of Deutsche Telekom’s trade show exhibition at IFA Berlin, creative lead agency Meiré und Meiré tasked Demondern to develop three more digital attractions for 2019. Through collaborative agile project development Demondern created a 3D avatar configurator, a futuristic chatbot, and an AR portal to encourage brand participation and inform over 25,000 attendees about ‘the future of telecommunication’.

Demodern integrated their future oriented installations into the service themed section of Telekom's 5000m² booth design in just six weeks. The task was to develop unique brand activation zones that would help communicate the overarching story of community participation, while encapsulating a playful spirit within the hall’s festive nature.

Three tangible experiences
At the "Ideenschmiede" Demondern utilised physical arcade buttons and a buzzer that visitors used to configure their ideal service avatar in real-time. While for the "Digitaler Serviceassistent" they implemented a series of dialogue screens that housed a futuristic chatbot with personality, and for the "Mein Magenta App" they crafted an Augmented Reality portal with which one could step inside a self-sustaining virtual ecosystem.

"Ideenschmiede" – 3D Avatar Configurator
Demondern modelled Telekom employee avatars in Cinema 4D with additive layers of dynamic attributes related to the service themes: competence, speed, know-how, and personality. The 81 possible variants determined by visitors' decision making resulted in highly individual configurations ranging from a tech guru with a leather frock to a rock star with a jetpack — all featuring unique facial expressions and iconic poses.

Haptic Interface
The eye-catching physical control panel incorporated arcade LED buttons and industrial buzzers to underline the gamification nature of the application. The retro yet technically advanced setup enabled a wide target audience range to intuitively configure their avatar independently on two 55” screens, then take a ‘snapshot’ of their final result to generate a physical Polaroid with a QR Code for an online raffle thereafter.

"Digitaler Serviceassistent" – AI Futuristic Chatbot
Demodern developed an intelligent chatbot from the ground up that hosted a Q+A scenario on a custom designed multi-screen unit. The bots emotive face playfully reacted to interactions while one display visualized the complex algorithms behind sending and receiving live requests, and another served to lead visitors through a hypothetical conversation made up of multiple choice FAQs resolving topics such as network streaming capabilities and data package plans.

"Mein Magenta App" – AR Virtual Portal
Demondern staged a virtual portal into the world of Telekom Services to provide visitors with an immersive and educational understanding of important business topics. Phase 1 of the experience was an interplay of thematic 3D sculptures between five interactive screens distributed throughout the hall. Phase 2 took place via a portable tablet that presented an interconnected machine world within which delightful animations and storytelling could be triggered while freely moving around the space.


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