“Journey of the Pioneers” in the Museum of the Future

Atelier Brückner
© Daniel Stauch
© Giovanni Emilio Galanello
© Giovanni Emilio Galanello
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Eventdesign Yearbook 2022/23
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The Museum of the Future has been the latest attraction in Dubai since February 2022. The iconic and unusual architecture by Killa Design draws attention from the outside in itself. In the interior, an immersive experience designed by ATELIER BRÜCKNER awaits visitors.

The exhibition “Journey of the Pioneers” is set up over three floors and 3000 square metres of exhibition space. Each floor is like a film setting with striking scenography, focussing on a vision of the future: life in space, bioengineering and the regeneration of damaged ecosystems, as well as individual wellbeing.

For example, the mystical space “The Library” is designed to convey the variety and beauty of the flora and fauna. 2400 glass jars with engraved species hanging from the ceiling are arranged as a walk-in installation and fascinate with their wealth of details of nature.

The choreographed sequence of spaces, sounds and fragrances takes participants away from everyday life and allows them to immerse themselves in a tangible futuristic world. The lighting design and choice of materials contribute significantly to the sensory experience. The walls of the space station, for instance, were created using a 3D printer and appear to be composed of an extraterrestrial material. The walls of the HEAL Institute are made of sustainable karuun, extracted from the rattan palm. The material loam is used to shape the space in the ALWAHA exhibition area. Every detail is precisely formulated and plays a role in the overall impression and the message.


Atelier Brückner
Dubai Future Foundation
United Arab Emirates
Killa Design
Belzner Holmes
Medienprojekt p2
Buro Happold (MEP and Structural design); OSS HOPE: AltSpace (Arrival window, Earth overview); Galerija 12+ (Orientation, Monument to the pioneers, Recruitment, Application stations); Framestore (Take-off, Return); HEAL INSTITUTE: Galerija 12+ (The Window); Marshmallow Laser Feast (The Garden, The Forest, The Lab); Certain Measures (The Observatory); Superflux (The Library); ALWAHA: Deeploca / Emilie Baltz (Movement therapy, Feel therapy, Connection therapy); Polytope Agency (Grounding therapy, Sound design entrance); Jason Bruges Studio (The Centre)


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