Marc Cain Fashion Film Fall/Winter 2021

Max von Gumppenberg, Nowadays
© Marc Cain
© Marc Cain
Published in the
Eventdesign Yearbook 2021/22
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020 and 2021 fashion events such as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin were also cancelled. It was not possible for many fashion labels to present their collections at a live event. Marc Cain therefore decided in favour of the production of a Fashion Film to present the autumn/winter collections 2021. Befitting current events, in the film “How Wonderful” two worlds meet: reality and fiction. The contents are animated by a play of contrasts and opposites. Analogue and digital. Nature and city. Fluffy and smooth materials. Dynamism is created through quick switches and changes in perspective.

The focal point is the encounter of model and avatar: this meeting appears to be natural and makes the analogue and digital worlds merge. The sequences are embedded in a setting with motifs from nature and architecture. Nature serves as a source of inspiration and is orientated towards the current yearning to draw energy from it. In contrast to this, the appearance of city architecture is cool and abstract. The Fashion Film was streamed on 19 January 2021 through the YouTube channels of Marc Cain and For the initial broadcasting, they decided on the YouTube feature “Premiere” with use of the live chat function. It was therefore possible to watch the premiere together with the viewers in real time and to communicate through the chat function before, during and after the broadcast. Apart from the two avatars in the film, a third avatar was created, called Zoe. She was subsequently given her own Instagram channel and since then she has been making her way through the digital fashion world.


Max von Gumppenberg
Marc Cain
around the world, Germany
Pat Borriello (Editing)
Artists / Show acts
Cocaine Models CXMXO, Kim Riekenberg, Johanna Schapfeld, Hannah Verhees (Models)
La Biosthétique (Hair and Make-up), Andreas Krings (Styling)


Fashion & Accessories
Avatar, Digital, Luxury, Pandemic
Fashion Show