Olympus Perspective Playground Exhibitions since 2013

Flora & Faunavisions, Vitamin E


Olympus Photography Playground is a turnkey design and execution project curated by Studio Leigh Sachwitz and created and produced by flora&faunavisions in collaboration with numerous artists in Berlin, Munich, Paris and beyond.

The playground, developed for the electronics company Olympus, presented the visitor with a free opportunity to explore and discover multiple art installations and simultaneously learn the features of a new Olympus camera by taking photographs in varying playful scenarios. At the end of the experience, the visitors left with knowledge about the new camera, as well as all their personal images and videos on a SD card.

Studio Leigh Sachwitz sought out, curated and collaborated with local artists to create site-specific art installations for the playground and, working in close collaboration, flora&faunavisions was responsible for the execution of the turn-key exhibition which involved production of the art installations in collaboration with the artists, as well as being responsible for the exhibition design and signage and it´s execution. The visual identity and website for the first editions were designed by flora&faunavisions in collaboration with Stahl R.

After three successful editions of Olympus Photography Playground in Berlin, a expanded with a new concept, named ‘Night and Day’, travelled to Hamburg, Amsterdam, Zürich, Vienna and Munich. Finally, at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, a large scale exhibition was developed with the additional photographic fields of microscopy and endoscopy and the title of the exhibition was changed to "Perspective Playground". This elaborated version returned to the Kraftwerk in Berlin to the delight of over 75.000 visitors.

The Playground continues to tour through Europe, featuring works by many international artists including Leigh Sachwitz, Maser, Numen for Use and many more.

Lead Agency: Vitamin E.

Photos by flora&faunavisions, Olympus Deutschland, Klaus Bossemeyer, Katrin Bohlinger, Ken Schluchtmann – diephotodesigner.de


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