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In November 2022, after almost three years of construction, Rapunzel Naturkost opened a remarkable brand experience and visitor centre: the Rapunzel World. The architecturally special and sustainably realised building houses an interactive museum, a meeting and conference centre, a coffee roastery and bakery, a cooking and yoga studio and an organic supermarket.

The Rapunzel World is indeed a holistically good and sustainable brand world. A sustainably realised experience centre that also inspires for sustainability in terms of content - in a contemporary, engaging and interactive way. From a corporate perspective, it is intended to provide a home for the company values and all four pillars of sustainability - ecology, social issues, economy and culture - in order to attract even more people to these topics.

Museum with interactive exhibition

The centrepiece of the visitor centre is the museum designed by Atelier Markgraph on the subject of organic farming. Interactive stations provide information on organic farming, fair trade, Rapunzel product manufacturing as well as wholefood nutrition and the avoidance of food waste.

A wide range of digital and analogue exhibits and stations guide visitors along the food production chain - from animal hazelnut lovers, the breeding of seed-resistant varieties to dynamic agroforestry. Information is vividly conveyed for all ages and target groups in staged scenes such as "kitchen", "laboratory" and "cultivation fields".

A highlight is the 10-metre-long marble run, which uses numerous hands-on stations to explain the path of the hazelnut from cultivation in Turkey to bottling in the jar. At the end, visitors can take home an individual souvenir: their self-created muesli.

The cosy, warm atmosphere of the room is based on a specially developed graphic language that extends from the central figure "Rapunzel" to the screen and print design.

In order to do justice to the holistic sustainable claim of the adventure centre, the agency worked with regional craftsmen and women and used ecological, hard-wearing materials as well as local woods for permanent use.

Sustainable architecture & brand world

A separate ecological balance sheet was drawn up for the construction of the Rapunzel World. The architecture of haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 also took ecological criteria into account. This is particularly evident in the principles of resource-saving construction with a return to traditional building methods, which run through all levels.

In the selection of materials, attention was paid to the energy involved, recyclability and transport. The building services were reduced to a necessary minimum. For example, the wide roof overhang ensures natural shading of the daylight-optimised rooms, which means that mechanical air conditioning can be largely dispensed with. The waste heat from the roasting plant is collected and used for the necessary heating.


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