“Style Set Free” Hyundai Car Mapping at Milan Design Week 2019

Flora & Faunavisions, Innocean, Nest One
© Simone Nocchi / Nest One
© Simone Nocchi / Nest One
© Simone Nocchi / Nest One
© Simone Nocchi / Nest One
© Simone Nocchi / Nest One
© Simone Nocchi / Nest One
© Simone Nocchi / Nest One


flora&faunavisions was one of three creative collaborators commissioned by Lead Agency Nest One to design a creative installation and artwork for Hyundai, at Milan Design Week. The aim of the overall concept ‘Style Set Free‘ was to create future visions for the visitors of what it would be like to be able to personally design the interior space of future Hyundai vehicles.

For this exciting project, flora&faunavisions created an immersive, interactive, multi-sensory exhibition of light, colour, sound, materials and form, as well as a constantly changing 3D sculpture of a futuristic car form as the installation's centrepiece.

The Sculpture:
A constantly changing, grippingly creative mapping installation in the centre of the room illustrated the three key interior elements of the new Hyundai brand experience, namely Color&Light, Material and Shape&Sound.

Each of these three elements was brought to life in a meticulously choreographed experience of sensory pleasure for the viewer with the primary focus on constantly changing high-quality digital animation graphics mapped onto a shape of a design study car.

The 12-minute visual content, which highlighted the structure of the car, was accompanied by spatial multichannel custom-designed sound and an ambient, colour changing light concept, harmoniously synchronised with the projected imagery to achieve the desired holistic Hyundai brand experience.

Color&Light Installation:
An interactive colour-changing room and an ‘aura projection wall’ within the indoor experience space create the opportunity for visitors to interact playfully with the surrounding architecture, drawing a direct link to the theme of ‘Style set free’.

The room was filled with soft, monochrome light, creating an immersive experience and the illusion of infinite space through colours. By touching a hidden temperature-sensitive plate on a central white cube, the colour of the space gradually transitioned from one hue to the next, depending on the warmth of the hands, the duration of the connection and the number of interactors.

Using custom-made interactive software, the visitors’ shadows were cast onto one wall of the space and the area around their shadow was directly animated, creating a type of graphic aura. The closer the visitors moved to the wall, the denser the aura patterns around their shadow became. Further, the number of people and the collisions of their projected auras affected the monochromatic colour of the space.


Flora & Faunavisions
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